Bret "theAxe" possesses a natural aptitude for handling fire. His ability to understand the partnership of body and flame was instrumental in earning the title of the Fastest Fire Eater in the World. He is featured in the Guinness World Record for eating 99 torches in one minute. Bret has performed in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida, as well as numerous venues in downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Bret’s creative approach to fire comes from an “out-of-the-box” perception of the relationship between fire and body. Without formal training in the art of fire, acting, or body mechanics, he has become an exceptional performing artist through self-teaching, dedication, and extreme discipline. Through trial-and-error he learned the ins and outs of fire performance. His prowess for the fire arts, joined with his experience as a Latin dancer, earned Bret the position of assistant choreographer of the group.

Due to his unique perspective and concern for fire safety, Bret was appointed the “incident commander” of Fandazzi Fire. He has implemented safety practices and policies within the group that have ensured that the group has never had a fire-related injury or incident, allowing the members of Fandazzi to present a one-of-a-kind presentation of fire and dance that is safe for audience members and performers alike.